Our Values

We are an innovative and dynamic law firm that delivers high-quality, value-based legal solutions with the creativity, efficiency and price-certainty expected in today’s global economy. Aligning interests, sharing risk, working towards a common purpose—these are the core values that define our client service.

The collective experience of our firm’s founding partners has been garnered from years of supporting clients—from multinationals to visionary start-ups—as leading lawyers in renowned international law firms.

With the support of an experienced team, we continue to act for clients across a diverse range of industries, sectors and jurisdictions. Our lawyers are qualified in key common law jurisdictions and include individuals fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Russian.

Client representations include: corporate matters; structuring and negotiating transactions and projects; financing; litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution; protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights; and regulatory compliance.

It is the combination of our core values, experience and resource-agility that allows us to deliver premium legal services to clients doing business in vibrant yet volatile economic and political environments.

Founding Partners


Olga Dontsova
Derek Ritzmann
Louie Lee
Anna Lau
Jovy Chan
Anna Kim
Helen Tang
Dan Plane


Hong Kong & Greater Bay Area

Our lawyers have supported clients in Hong Kong and throughout China for the past two decades. During this time, China has risen rapidly to become a global economic powerhouse. From our Hong Kong office, clients benefit from our years of experience counseling Chinese and foreign investors on a broad range of transactions, projects and disputes.

We are a law firm primed to help clients tap into new market opportunities flowing from the Greater Bay Area—an initiative that will position this region as the world’s centre of innovation.

We believe Hong Kong’s commitment to the rule of law is of fundamental importance to the region. Our firm strongly supports Hong Kong’s continuing role as a leading international legal, financial and innovation hub for the Greater Bay Area and the wider region.


The founding partners established the firm following successful careers at leading international law firms.

We continue to support and represent clients doing business across the globe through our network of professional and personal relationships with law firms in numerous jurisdictions and markets.

These relationships, forged over many years, deliver value to our clients by ensuring that the right lawyers—with deep knowledge of the local legal and regulatory environment—are part of the team, supporting transactions and projects or providing representation before local courts and tribunals.

Belt & Road Initiative

We are driven by the constant changes and challenges in today’s global market—from economic and business disruption created by rapid and unrelenting technological advances to changes in consumer habits and business practices required to meet the global imperative for a more sustainable future.

We are experienced international lawyers who understand the challenges facing potential Belt & Road stakeholders.  We also recognize the enormous social and economic benefits that should be generated from this historic investment and development program. And that is why we are committed to supporting sustainable and transformational investments flowing across the globe through the Belt & Road Initiative.

Asia-Australia Connection

The economies of Asia and Australia continue to grow and integrate, helping secure the long-term prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region.

Asian and Australian businesses create and drive opportunities beyond the traditional resource sector with significant and growing investments in a broad range of industries—real estate, construction, retail and consumer, tourism, education, renewable energy, technology, and life sciences.

We are a law firm with deep roots in the Asia-Australia region. Our founding partners include lawyers whose careers started in Australia during the regional transformations of the 1990’s. They have established themselves as leading practitioners in Asia after long careers with international law firms in the fields of commercial law, projects, dispute resolution and regulatory compliance.

We have years of experience supporting clients with business between Asia and Australia. We collaborate with Australian law firms whose clients benefit from like-minded lawyers on the ground in Asia to help navigate the complexities of the various legal systems and cultures of the region. Similarly, we co-counsel with Australian lawyers when our Asia-based clients require the support of an Australian law firm.