Emerging Growth and Technology

GPS's Emerging Growth and Technology practice guides clients through the increasingly complex juncture linking transactions, technology and digitisation, and regulation.

Our practice provides:

  • strategic guidance to companies in high-growth industries, including healthcare, insurance, biotech, manufacturing, communications and software; 
  • support to start-ups, fast-growing and mid-market businesses and mature global enterprises; and
  • advice to clients in the fintech, regtech and insurtech sectors, including banks, private equity and venture capital funds, asset managers, insurance companies, trading platforms and exchanges. 

We are experienced in data protection, cybersecurity issues, compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) and Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), IT and IP licensing, technology and software development, and alternative fundraising, payment and rewards solutions.


New Energy

We support clients acquiring and developing new energy assets, including in the following areas:

·    engineering, procurement and construction

·     land use rights

·     due diligence

·     mergers and acquisitions

·     joint ventures (including private equity investing)

·     power purchase agreements or offtake agreements

·     projects and developments

·     financing

·     alternative means funding and refinancing

·     operations and maintenance

·     asset management

·     intellectual property protection

·     contract enforcement

Energy Transitions

In collaboration with global efforts to decarbonise, we support the conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons industry during this transition in the following areas:

·     energy tech

·     mergers and acquisitions

·     sell and buy side auctions

·     equity and debt or reserve-based lending financing

·     equity joint ventures

·     operating agreements

·     liquified natural gas and liquified natural gas price reviews

·     unitization

·     area of mutual interest agreements

·     joint bidding or studies and seismic acquisitions

·     rig contracts

·     contract enforcement