Construction & Engineering

We are leading lawyers to the Hong Kong construction industry who support a range of stakeholders in the development, engineering, construction and operation of energy, infrastructure and building projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our services include:

  • establishing consortia
  • negotiating concession arrangements
  • preparing or reviewing tender and contract documents
  • providing project counsel advice on claims and other issues that arise during construction and operation
  • representing clients in mediation, domestic and international arbitration, and litigation proceedings

Our experience spans a variety of projects such as power plants, electricity transmission facilities, oil and gas installations, marine and reclamation projects, tunnels, airports, railroads, highways, viaducts, waste facilities and water supply facilities.

Clients obtain the benefit of lawyers with engineering and construction backgrounds which proves invaluable when structuring, negotiating, and drafting complex, technical project documentation and in resolving disputes.

We know that project profit margins are often finely balanced, so we work closely with clients to devise and implement fee arrangements that are proportionate to the size of the project or the quantum of disputed claims.

Directory Rankings

Legal 500 Testimonials

“The firm is able to serve both local and western Companies with clear and accurate representation.”

“They have a solid construction background, either in Hong Kong or abroad, are well versed in construction contracts particularly and also understanding building related issues and disputes.”

“Other Firms we tried before were timid in approach and were evasive when communicating. This is not the case with Georgiou Payne Stewien LLP who go out of there way to get your dispute resolved.”

“I would recommend them for pre contract agreements and any construction-based dispute either as a consumer, supplier, contractor or main contractor.”

“Phil Georgiou is able to manage the claims we have directly with us rather than passing to a Junior, communication is clear and responsive, very result driven but commercially realistic.”

“Led by practitioners who have decades of experience operating in the Hong Kong and Chinese markets.”

“A go-to for any Australian clients needing to engage Hong Kong admitted lawyers who understand both the Australian business landscape and how to engage with the Hong Kong and Chinese legal systems to ensure a pragmatic result is achieved.”

“Phil Georgiou is responsive, analytical, and breaks down hard to grasp legal concepts into easily understandable pieces.”