September 16, 2021

Georgiou Payne Stewien LLP advises Wilson Group on WIL – an All-in-One Engagement Platform for Motorists

Georgiou Payne Stewien LLP (GPS for short), led by corporate partner head, Brett Stewien, has represented Wilson Group (and its subsidiary, Let’s Go Limited) on its development of WIL, an all-in-one engagement platform for motorists launched on 15 September 2021. In addition to providing data privacy and other regulatory advice, GPS advised Wilson Group on mobile app development and licensing, all applicable customer and merchant terms and conditions, and assisted with the establishment of the WIL rewards points scheme.

Wilson Group
has, for nearly four decades, set the standard for Hong Kong’s transport infrastructure network. Today, Wilson Group plays a leading role in the development and management of Hong Kong’s transport infrastructure. The group employs over 4,000 staff and manages about 400 car parks and 35 kilometres of strategic roadway. They also manage a wide range of transport facilities for both the private and public sectors, including the management and operation of car parks at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port as well as the Hong Kong International Airport. Its Parking, Tollways, Technology, Smart Mobility and other divisions are committed to offering superior professional services to the community as a world-class transport-related service provider.

“WIL is a truly one-of-a-kind and disruptive app which places the Wilson Group at the forefront of shifting customer trends and the evolution of the mobility market. Wilson Group has shown significant foresight in identifying and meeting the shifting needs and trends of motorists in Hong Kong.  It was a wonderful opportunity for GPS to support Wilson Group through its development and launch of WIL.  We wish the Wilson Group every success in its endeavours with WIL and hope to see its widespread adoption in Hong Kong,” said Brett Stewien, the GPS partner who led the team that advised Wilson. “As with any app that requires users to input their personal data, our client was faced with many questions relating to how they can ensure the integrity and security of their customers’ personal data, as well as how they might contain and limit any related risks. Since the birth of the idea of WIL, we have been assisting our client in relation to these issues in addition to a wide range of other legal issues, ranging from their mobile app development and licensing issues, issues related to establishing a reward points scheme and issues arising from various merchant and partner relationships, as well as other potential regulatory risks.”

“WIL is not just another parking, loyalty, or e-commerce app that you often see today, it is Hong Kong’s first and maybe even the world’s only all-in-one engagement platform dedicated to motorists. With Hong Kong having such an amazing transport network, many people drive, including myself, and who doesn’t like free parking? Drawing together different partners and merchants into one motoring ecosystem, WIL will transform driving into a more enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding experience every day,” commented Henry Louie, Managing Director, Wilson Group.

“I would like to thank GPS and my other partners for their incredible efforts over the last 18 months. This launch would not be possible without them! GPS has demonstrated strong capabilities and experience in respect of a full range of legal areas involved in such a wide-ranging project as WIL, including personal data laws, app development, rewards points schemes and merchant and partners contracts,” commented Henry Louie, Managing Director, Wilson Group.

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