Negotiation & Mediation

The advantages of settling disputes through negotiation or mediation (often inappropriately labelled as ‘alternative’ dispute resolution methods) should not be overlooked.  Aside from enormous savings in time and cost, reputational risks can be avoided and relationships preserved.  In practice, the vast majority of disputes are settled through negotiation or mediation, even in circumstances where litigation or arbitration has already commenced.  

We assist clients to achieve settlements through negotiation or mediation by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their case at an early stage, identifying their true interests and values and guiding them through the negotiation or mediation process.

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Practise Areas

Commercial & Technology
Equity & Debt Financing
Mergers & Acquisitions

Our disputes practice is led by Sonny Payne, a solicitor advocate (Hong Kong), solicitor (England & Wales), Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration, chartered civil engineer and part-time lecturer in mediation & negotiation at City University, Hong Kong.

Sonny Payne
Partner | Solicitor Advocate