Based in Hong Kong, we deliver high-quality, value-based legal solutions with the creativity, efficiency and price-certainty expected in today’s global economy.

Our foundational values

We believe that enduring trust-based relationships can only be achieved if our interests are aligned with those of our clients. That means departing from law firm business models built on misaligned interests caused by open ended hourly rates and over delegation to inadequately experienced lawyers. Instead, our partners are at the forefront of every engagement and are committed to the professional and business ideal that legal services of the highest quality can and should be delivered to clients with clarity and certainty in terms of scope, cost, time and outcome.

What we do

We are external counsel to multinationals, listed companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and high-net-worth individuals. We focus on corporate and commercial law, litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, supporting stakeholders in the construction and energy sectors, and providing counsel to innovation-driven investors and businesses.

How we do it

We deliver commercial legal services through genuine and transparent client collaboration by thoroughly scoping and pricing engagements from beginning to end. We do this whether advising on discrete issues, negotiating multimillion-dollar transactions, or resolving a complex dispute in litigation or arbitration


GCRemote provides clients across the Asia-Pacific region with virtual and physical secondments of lawyers. We meet the needs of in-house legal departments and clients by deploying exceptional legal talent through agile and flexible arrangements that are customised to the particular needs of clients. Clients benefit from qualified and licensed lawyers who have the backing and support of GPS. This support includes access to research and precedent data bases and partner back-up as and when required by clients.

Knowledge of the law—including the strategic, commercial and practical realities of operating in legal environments—is the ultimate value we deliver to clients. GPS believes that sharing knowledge with openness and transparency is at the heart of trust-based working relationships with prospective and existing clients. Importantly, delivering our value need not and should not always come at a price.

Through our thoughtful and practical guides and publications, we sincerely hope you might unlock value for your business and ventures. To that end, please feel free to contact us if you would like to explore any questions you believe would benefit from a deeper discussion.