Acting for the liquidators of a large group of companies in relation to various claims in excess of US$500m, including a professional negligence claim, arising out of a complex large scale fraud.

Acting for the US receivers of a NASDAQ listed company in relation to obtaining recognition of their appointment in Hong Kong, conducting investigations, recovering assets in Hong Kong and China, and circumventing illegitimate steps by wrongdoers within the company to interfere with the receiver’s work.

Advising the liquidators of a well know television and streaming company in relation to potential claims arising from various licensing agreements.

Acting for the minority creditors taking an aggressive position in relation to the restructuring of large group of companies in Hong Kong, China and offshore. 

Acting for the liquidators of a subsidiary of a listed Hong Kong company in respect of various causes of action arising from the alleged dissipation and misappropriation of the company’s assets.

  • Representation of a Singaporean subsidiary of the SK Group, one of the largest public conglomerates in South Korea, in a Hong Kong High Court dispute with Hong Kong company NewOcean Petroleum Company Limited. The dispute concerns a bunker fuel supply transaction with the O.W. Group, one of the largest shipping fuel suppliers in the world, which is now subject to a high-profile group bankruptcy.

Advising the liquidators of a Singapore company in relation to the recovery of assets in Hong Kong and China, including the enforcement of ~US$200m judgment.

Acting for Singapore liquidators in relation to obtaining a mareva injunction and obtaining  discovery orders against banks and the defendants, in aid of substantive proceedings commenced in Singapore against former directors of the company. 

Representation of a Fortune 50 company in implementing a global insolvency and enforcement strategy against a company accused of funding and supporting a multibillion dollar fraud.